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Lyka Blockchain

The zero gas fee lyka will be one of the hottest topics in the near future that will create a huge impact in the existing blockchain space. lyka will be the multi-chain blockchain project as it addresses the current problems of expensive gas fees and slow transactions associated with the current chains.
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Lyka Staking

Lyka Staking dapp works on the multi platform, which is eco-friendly, working on a proof of stake. Lyka staking ensures users' funds are safe by leveraging effective security measures and providing Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). Our staking method at the time of writing is arguably one of the safest and eco-friendliest methods (for cryptocurrency) to earn passive income by merely storing or locking funds in a wallet as more individuals, including institutional investors understand the crypto market's lucrativeness, even useful for those lacking technical knowledges of cryptocurrencies, to stake proof of stake (PoS) coins and receive rewards.
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Lyka Yield

Yield farming involves lending or staking cryptocurrency in exchange for interest and other rewards. Yield farmers measure their returns in terms of annual percentage yields (APY). While potentially profitable. On 1 year you get 48% APY and on 2 Years you get 60% APY
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What Is?

LYKA Token, which started to work in the year of 2020, is a metaverse, NFT Game and walk to earn supported token project created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Extensive expertise


LYKA Token aims to spread its plants to walk & earn and own defi application.

Cutting-edge solutions


The project infrastructure, which aims to make a profit while spending their time, supports GameFi.

Highly-skilled dev team

Listed on

LYKA Token is going to listed on top exchanges like vindax,coingecko,coinmarketcap, pancakeswap

Profound R&D


We make this technology more adaptable by bringing flexibility into its structure without compromising on the security aspects. Our motto is to make cryptocurrency development services agile, efficient and cost-effective even for the small-scale businesses. Therefore, we make these services available at a price that is sustainable for every company irrespective of its size. We are a coin development company that focuses on the holistic adoption of blockchain technology. The techniques and methods that we use for stablecoin development are 100% productive and feasible. We provide a broad range of solutions that includes NFT Development, IDO development, Coin/token development, cryptocurrency exchange development, crypto wallet development, smart contract development and cryptocurrency development. We assure that if you hire cryptocurrency developer from us, you get the best results no matter what. Alongside the crypto-based solutions, we are also making blockchain development services better. Hire blockchain developer from us and give your enterprise bigger prospects.





LYKA Smart Contract Audit


Listed Exchanges




Phase 1

- Market research & Prototype design
- Project Conception
- Team Building
- Website Development
- Whitepaper
- LYKA Coin Development

Phase 2

- Staking Dapp live
- Lyka Swap live
- Lyka Yield live
- Pancake Swap Exchange listing
- Vindax Exchange Listing
- Coinmarketcap listing
- Coingecko listing

Phase 3

- Lyka Move live
- Promotion,Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
- Lyka Play to Earn live
- Lyka Test Net live

Phase 4

- Lyka NFT & Marketplace Live
- Lyka Launchpad Development
- Lyka Exchange Development
- Lyka Main Net live
- Lyka Verse Development